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In 2014, the number of alerted citizen rescuers increased significantly (+ 28%) compared to 2013 in The Netherlands. looked on the basis of a few digits to go back on past year. In 2478 calls the maximum of 30 civilian aid workers was achieved. This gives an average for 2014 of 22.3 alarmed citizen rescuers per call.

Total calls: 4278 (4176)

  • Number alarmed volunteers: 95 293
  • Number of volunteers directly: 48 027
  • Number of volunteers through AED: 47 266
  • Number of AEDs: 10 940

Per day this is about 129 messages to volunteers to retrieve an AED and about 30 deployed AEDs each day.



The foundation Hartslag voor Nederland is an alliance of regional ambulance services to promote and facilitate civilian aid to casualties from a sudden cardiac arrest. Under the slogan “From each other, with each other and
together, “the foundation is committed to a single platform for the Netherlands where in each ambulance region is equal acted.